Scientists Find That Long-Term Pot Usage Leads To Wait What Were We Talking About?

Researchers from the University of Lausanne, shocking a grand total of zero people, confirmed that regular pot consumption leads to memory loss.

Wait, what were we talking about? (JK, I still don’t know why you people smoke pot.)

The study specifically found that if you smoke pot every day for five years, you’ll have poorer verbal memory in middle age than people who smoke pot less than every day for five years – as in, if you have a conversation with someone, you will remember fewer of the words they said than someone who smokes pot less than that or not at all. Pot users who smoked every day for five years, for example, could remember only 8.5 out of 15 words in a list after 25 minutes.

The correlation between pot usage and memory loss is directly linear, so if, say, you smoked pot every day for twenty years, it’d just get worse. Of course, not many people actually smoke that much pot that regularly over that long a period of time, and in the end, it still seems like a safer gamble than, say, liver disease.

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