Judge Judy Has Some Wise Life Advice For You That You Should Probably Take

Judge Judy Sheindlin was on Ellen today, advocating for financial independence and dissecting the general washed-ness of men and their trifling ways.

“I also think women make a terrible mistake, because they’re usually so desperate to nest because they pick on schlubs and worthless pieces of trash they pick up in a bar, turn around, give them the keys to their car invite them to move in give the a credit card and they’re surprised one day when their car is gone, their credit card is maxed and their alone. and they seem to replicate that behavior again and again,” she said, in a prescient echo of what your Aunt Eileen tells you every Thanksgiving, after a couple glasses of Chardonnay.

Judge Judy’s right. We should all be listening to Judge Judy. She even believes in the power of a fuck-off fund. When asked about the ongoing frustrations of watching women get taken advantage of for 20 years and counting, she said. “The only way it won’t happen is if you equip yourself to be financially independent. Because once a woman gives up financial independence to a mate, it’s over.”

I wouldn’t cross Judge Judy. Also, she’s right. Save your money. Face your fears of loneliness head on and be your own person, goddamit. Listen to Judge Judy, because wouldn’t you rather hear it from her than anyone else?