Chardonnay + Zebra Cakes (And 6 More Wine And Crappy Snack Pairings)

A good glass of wine is the cornerstone of a relaxing evening at home after a long day of work, or parenting (which is work), or both. So many of us enjoy this small luxury but can’t afford to splurge on the higher end, vintage, found-in-a-wine-cellar type bottles.

No, for us it’s Woodbridge and Beringer, maybe Sutter Home, Yellow Tail or Barefoot when we’re feeling fancy, and Liberty Creek after we pay our monthly bills.

But you never see a good wine pairing for our brand of high-class. As a mother of seven-year-old twins, I need some life-giving sustenance to help me make it through each day — you know, sugary cereals, cheese puffs, Little Debbies and the like. Read more on…