Twist: That #2015BestNine Instagram Photo Generator Was Fodder For A Dating Site

Remember the hazy, heady last weeks of 2015, when all you saw on Instagram was picture after picture of all of your friends and frenemies’ top nine pictures of the year? Well, we are sorry to report that it was just a sneaky promo for a new Instagram-based dating app. It’s called Nine, and it launches today. Aren’t you glad you unwittingly played into something that is actually just trying to get you to find a nice person and settle down?

According to Tech Insider, over 70 million people used the online photo generator, which required a sign-in using your Instagram account. Apparently, one you signed up, there was a prompt to join a waiting list for a mysterious service that was based on that app. Now we know: it’s a dating app that uses your best Instagram photos of last year to match you with other people.

Co-creator Yusukue Matsumara says that “Nine is designed to make matches between people focusing more on their personality and inner beauty rather than appearance or status.” Yes, because Instagram is definitely all about your personality and inner beauty. It’s definitely not a service that people use to create idealistic versions of their real life.

Instead of creating a profile, your existing Best Nine photo will be used to lure potential matches into your sexy web. My Best Nine included a fake street style photo shoot, some particularly fire manicures and a picture of me holding a baby alligator while making a stink face, so potential suitors, you’ve been warned.

Matsumura is hopeful that the app will let users learn a little bit more about each other before swipingGiven the amount of taco shots, baby photos and #WaistGangSociety promo pics I see, can you blame me for not having high hopes?