Girl Scout Fights Transphobia By Selling Tons Of Cookies

When 9-year-old Girl Scout Stormi was faced with blatant transphobia from a neighbor who said, “Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress,” rather than hiding away like most of us would, Stormi went to her mom and not only found another way to sell cookies, but a way to spread awareness so that other trans kids wouldn’t feel so alone.

After facing the bigoted neighbor, Stormi’s mom Kim moved all of her cookies sales online, onto the Girl Scout portal Digital Cookies, where Stormi shared the story of the neighbor and her decision to not internalize transphobia, but rather to extend kindness by donating a portion of her cookie sales to foster kids.

The story was shared in online support groups for parents of trans kids and soon was reposted across social media, garnering dozens of support letters. Two New York improv comedians even gave free admission to their January 29th show for any audience members who showed proof of purchasing Stormi’s cookies.

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CREDIT: Buzzfeed

In just a few days, Stormi sold over 3,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, with sales as far away as Canada and Australia.

“I want kids like me to know they are perfect just the way they are,” she said. “There are people all over the world that love you. Never give up because it does get better.”