Drake’s New Single “Summer Sixteen” Takes Shots at Everyone

On Saturday Drake finally announced that his upcoming Views From The 6 will be released into the wild in April, whetting our appetite with his new single Summer Sixteen, which spares no victims.

As confident as ever, Drake’s latest track takes a swipe at everyone from Kanye West to Obama, including blatant disses such as, “Now I got a bigger pool than Ye, and, look, man, Ye’s pool is nice/ Mine’s just bigger is what I’m saying.” He also directly responds to Obama’s recent claim that Kendrick would beat Drake in a rap battle, chiming: “Tell Obama that my verses are like the whips that he in/ They bulletproof.”

The bridge itself echoes the overall sentiment of his comebacks, “Looking for revenge/All summer sixteen,” which pretty clearly gives us a window into this coming year –Drake is not holding back and is ready to dish back seven-fold what has been dished to him, and he’s got us dancing in the meantime.

Take a listen for yourself.