Cool Dude Leonardo DiCaprio Vaped At The SAG Awards

Leonardo DiCaprio has been the king of DGAF lately. unabashedly not caring at award shows and events where most Hollywood stars are textbook variations of nice, professional and predictable. At the Golden Globes it was his very obvious, very shade-filled side-eye towards Lady Gaga’s win.

At the SAG Awards this Saturday, he truly upped the ante when he casually pulled out a vape pen and indulged, as if the world was his hotbox and the SAG Awards just happened to coincide with his vape schedule.

This is a level of irreverence I can truly get behind. The funny and faceless masses of Twitter took to their keyboards immediately, mostly sharing both support and vape solidarity.


I raise my glass, or rather my vape, to Leo and his unabashed “chillness.”