Congrats To These Two Strangers Who Met On Instagram, Met Each Other IRL, Got Married 5 Minutes Later

A couple who explored both love and each other via Instagram DM met for the first time on Sunday in an airport in Five minutes later, they had exchanged their first kiss and gotten married. Love! How it blossoms even in the cruel shadows of heavily-filtered Instagram photos and DMs!

Erica Harris and Arte Vann conducted the majority of their relationship through Instagram. According to ABC 7, they’d “known” each other for a year before getting married a goddamn airport, but all of their communication had been through Instagram, sharing videos and “original poetry.”

Vann lives in New York and purchased a one-way ticket, intent on wifing his beloved and making this whole marriage thing work, I guess. “Don’t listen to your thoughts, don’t listen to your head, follow our heart…follow your soul,” the delusional Vann said, presumedly before getting on the plane and really committing to the act of marrying a woman he had never physically met.

Congratulations? Good luck, at least.