Ex-Cop Finally Able To Buy His K9 Partner Due To Generous Donations

Retired Marietta, Ohio police officer Matt Hickey is dying to purchase his best buddy Ajax, a K9 Partner police dog. However, the town says he’s going to have to bid for him because Ajax is technically public property. :(

Mark Hickey has offered to pay $3,500, which is Ajax’s estimated value. But the city says Ajax must be sold at auction because of his public property status. Hickey has had Ajax for three years and is like a family member to him.

Luckily, a GoFundMe page was set up to help buy Ajax and raised more than $26,000 as of Saturday evening. Because there was so much excess in donations, the extra funds will end up going toward buying protective vests for other K9 officers.

I’m so glad Matt and Ajax get to be together forever.