Facebook Will Start Blocking Private Gun Sales

Gun violence continues to rage on in the United States. There were 372 mass shootings in the U.S. last year, killing 475, and wounding even more. U.S. shootings since 1963 have “killed more Americans than all wars ever.” According to the Huffington Post.

Facebook now wants to put a stop to this through banning private gun sales. Licensed firearms dealers will still be able to use Facebook to facilitate transactions, however.

The private sales mean that guns are being sold to dangerous people without background checks – an unchecked market.

Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of product policy says “Over the last two years, more and more people have been using Facebook to discover products and to buy and sell things to one another. We are continuing to develop, test, and launch new products to make this experience even better for people and are updating our regulated goods policies to reflect this evolution”

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