The Real Problem With McDonald’s Mozz-less Mozz Sticks Is That They Triggered My Trypophobia

People are going a little bit crazy about the fact that McDonald’s mozzarella sticks have no mozzarella in them. And rightly so! I mean, if they’re going to call them “mozzarella sticks,” you’d think that cheese would be involved.


However, this goes way beyond being merely a problem of fraudulent advertising. The real problem here is with the mozz-less mozz stick outrage itself. The real problem is that it is triggering my trypophobia.  

What is trypophobia, you ask? It’s a fear of clusters of holes. And it’s real – psychological scientists Geoff Cole and Arnold Wilkins think that it’s a biological rather than learned revulsion that has to do with the sight of dangerous holes, like those made by insects or in wounds or tissue diseases. If you want to know if you have trypophobia, just Google “trypophobia” and see if the image results at the top of the page make you panic and want to puke.


So when I see people’s pictures of several hollow mozz sticks together, I get #triggered. (Then I think: “Mmmm, breading.”) On the one hand, stop it, Internet, you’ve made your point. On the other, McDonald’s, get your shit together and put mozz in the mozz sticks where it belongs.
[h/t Cosmo]