Megyn Kelly Compared Donald Trump To Voldemort After GOP Debate

At the beginning of last night’s GOP debate, Megyn Kelly wasted no time in calling the absent Trump “the elephant not in the room.” Her sentiments were echoed by multiple candidates, including Ted Cruz who called everyone else “ugly” in his opening statement and asserted his masculinity in order to “get the Trump portion out of the way.”

In an off-air interview with Cruz, Megyn Kelly asked why the candidates avoided mention of Trump beyond the initial first few jokes, “You seem to be treating Trump like Voldemort – ‘he who shall not be named’ – did you plan that?'”

Ted Cruz later returned to that comment, saying, “Well, you know, you were joking just before we went on air that it was sort of like Voldermort, He Who Must Not Be Named.”

Kelly naturally didn’t deny her comments and moved the interview along with a smile. After all, the ongoing beef with her and Donald Trump is common knowledge at this point. Once a candidate references your period blood and calls you a bimbo, I think you have free reign to compare them to a literary villain.

Trump opted out of the debate last night and instead hosted a fundraiser for veterans.

(E Online)