Bernie Sanders Is Also Tired Of Bernie Bros

I love Bernie Sanders. I am one of the people who supports his policies, largely agrees with him, and at times borders on annoying when inspired to spirited discussion about his candidacy.

That being said, while the internet has been rife with criticism for openly bigoted GOP supporters and every spare breath that Hillary Clinton exhales for quite some time, the criticism has now landed on another very real, and often very obnoxious demographic: Bernie Bros. And it’s not just those politically opposed that feel fed up, it’s the Sanders administration itself.

The term Bernie Bro doesn’t apply to all Sanders supporters. Obviously there are lots of women who support Sanders, and many men that do support him don’t fall into the stereotype. A Bernie Bro indicates a certain level of unbearable fire and the inability to constructively criticize Sanders himself.

Bernie Bros will call Hillary all sorts of names during discussion, from “corporate whores” to “pussy centrists,” often letting blatant misogyny shine through in nicknames such as #Shrillary, without clarifying which of her policies most disturb them. It’s the assumption that other liberals are immediately politically ignorant, less convicted or enlightened, and blinded by Hillary’s gender (don’t get me started), that causes Bernie Bros to come off so indisputably aggressive.

Supporting Bernie, having opinions, discussing and listening respectfully doesn’t make you a Bernie Bro. However, pulling out the pitchfork against anyone who mildly defends Hillary might. It seems to be a reflexive and often tellingly misogynist move coming from Bernie Bros, and this unflattering reputation has disturbed Sanders himself, who has expressed concern over the representation of his values.

Sanders’ digital media director addressed the issue on Reddit, stating:

“We love our supporters and we know we wouldn’t be here without you all, but it does add a layer of complexity when we have to track what you all do during some moments when we are shaping our messaging. Above all: just know you represent our movement and be respectful with those who disagree with you.”

After all, if Sanders can take criticism, shouldn’t his supporters?