Amber Rose On Kanye: “What Can You Say About Me That I Haven’t Already Said About Myself?”

Queen Muva Amber Rose was on the Allegedly podcast Wednesday and did a nice job of addressing the messy pettiness exhibited by the two men most recently in her life. The full version of the podcast was released today.

“Today must be a big day for you,” the hosts said, which is rude because really, is Amber Rose’s biggest accomplishment the fact that two grown men were squabbling over her? “What’s going through your head right now?”

“Nothing,” she replied. “Today’s just another day. When you’re famous, you kinda just deal with bullshit constantly.”  She went on to address the fight between Wiz and Kanye, rightfully noting that the entire thing was really, very low, because they dragged her child into the whole mess.

The crazy thing is that he came out with a song last week saying that I had my son for a meal ticket, and I didn’t even say anything, he’s a cornball, I’m not saying shit. Then he gets on the internet today and says , a stripper trapped you Wiz. You took me around the world, you’re talking shit about wiz and my baby. My baby was made from love. We made our baby from love. So you’re a fucking hater.”

Amber, like the rest of America, understand that Kanye’s pettiness knows no bounds, but if that wasn’t abundantly clear, this tweet sums it up.

As of this writing, #KanyeAnalPlaylist is trending on Twitter. Also, there’s this perfectly mordant bloop, which is the last thing anyone should say about this.

Case closed. Lights out. Shut it down.