You Don’t Love Anything As Much As Oprah Loves Bread

Oprah Winfrey is the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers, which feels rude until you think about it for five minutes and realize to yourself that this, somehow, is what she was born to do. Oprah wants you to be your best self. Oprah wants you to be the shining star you know you are on the inside. Oprah also wants you to know that in order to be your best self, you should find something, anything you love as much as she loves goddamn bread.

Her enthusiasm for complex carbs is as infectious as her enthusiasm for giving members of the studio audience cars.

She also loves her vegetable garden, which is perhaps the most endearing thing about her. Follow Oprah on Instagram immediately and you will be rewarded with gems like this.

Purple potatoes and lots of greens!#newHarvestnewYear

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Oprah’s vegetable garden is my happy place. She loves it! And she loves bread. And you. Retired-ish Oprah — OWN Oprah — is the best incarnation of Oprah to date. Use her words as inspiration to find something you love with your entire being.