Mexican Artists Respond To Street Harassment With Confetti Guns And Punk Music

A few badass ladies who are affiliated with the Mexican Feminist art collective Las Hijas de Violencia have decided to handle street harassment by shooting the harassers with confetti guns and blaring their feminist punk anthem Sexista Punk from their mini-speakers.

I love how they decided to make these frequent instances of harassment both funny and poignant. Hopefully, some of the men who yell unprovoked things will get it, and hopefully this act provides these women with a cathartic release from the drudgery of casual sexism.

When confronted with criticism for handling potentially violent situations with carefree attitudes bordering on silliness, the women said that if they’re going to face potential danger regardless, might as well use it as a chance to have some fun and hopefully make men think twice.

“We’re not going to change the whole world,” said one of the women, “but we’ve already changed ours.”

Hell yes.