Jets Compelled To Treat Cheerleaders As Human Beings By Class Action Suit

The New York Jets have settled a class action suit brought by their 2012 – 2013 cheerleaders. The team will pay the group of 52 women a total of $324,000 and, hopefully, be so kind as to treat the current cheerleaders as human beings moving forward.

The AP reports that the suit, filed by one “Krystal C.,”alleged that the group was “cheated out of wages, ordered to practices but not paid and forced to cover work-related expenses, like makeup, hair care and transportation.”

Cheerleaders were paid just $150 per game in addition to being issued a uniform. Their payment did not include any compensation for learning routines, traveling or perpetually ensuring they lived up to the absurd beauty standards of existing as a cheerleader, which apparently includes having straight hair.

As Jessica Roy noted at The Cut, to put this in perspective: “The New York Jets are worth $2.6 billion. They make $383 million a year, and their lowest-paid player makes $450,000 a year.” So, yeah, that’s over $100,00 more than they were willing to pay 52 total people in reparations, but still this is a step in the right direction, I guess!