Here Are Some Of The Things Teens Like In 2016

Business Insider did the world the brave service of interviewing teens to find out what’s cool right now. Questions: Are teens the only people who get to decide what’s cool? Do I sound like a total fogey asking that? Do teens even know the word fogey?

Anyway, here are some takeaways:

  • Snapchat is bae
  • “Bae” is no longer dope
  • “Dope” is lit
  • Facebook Messenger rules
  • Facebook itself drools
  • Teens love Buzzfeed even though it’s the least-trusted news source among adults regardless of political affiliation
  • There’s an adorable game called Neko Atsume (“cat collecting”) that I have to acquire NOW
  • Netflix is the future (we already knew that)
  • Teens think adults don’t know about Snapchat, LOL
  • Eighty percent (EIGHTY PERCENT!) of teens own either an iPhone 5s, an iPhone 6, or a Galaxy S5. Is that not kind of crazy?!
  • Everyone hates the Kardashians except for me, apparently, and,
  • Teens spend 11 hours a day in front of some kind of screen. Given that that’s the case, can we really trust them to know what’s cool or not?

All of this kind of makes me glad that teenagers eventually grow up.


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