Creepy-ass Parents Are Now Decorating Their Houses With 3D Baby Sculptures

As technology evolves, so do the possibilities to be creepy, and the new UK company Baby Boo Scan has fully tapped into our brave new world of creepy possibilitie with their 3D-prints of people’s unborn children!

Have you ever seen a friend’s ultra-sound and thought, “Wow, they really SHOULD get that fetus image printed in 3D so they can plaster it in their nursery like maternal bloodhounds?”

If so, you are (unfortunately) NOT alone. This horrifying technology simply scans the ultrasound image and makes a human-ish estimate of what your baby’s face will look like before printing out an eight-inch replica mask! Now you’re ready to hang up this plastic baby face as a vision board of sorts for all the children you will decapitate in the future. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it!

There is one very useful reason for this technology that doesn’t feel fetishistic or like an addendum to Silence of the Lambs: that is using these replica masks as ultrasounds for blind mothers. With these 3D print-outs blind mothers visualize what their future child will look like, which is brilliant.

The technology I’m really holding out for is a 3D mask in which you can also detect all your child’s future resentment.