Chicago Man Successfully Kept Alligator In His Basement For 20 Years

When I think of alligators co-existing with humans, I have three main reference points: torture pools in fictional castle situations, the alligators we all secretly know are living and thriving in the sewers beneath us, and children’s book scenarios in which alligators act as friendly pets and confidantes.

Particularly in the Northern states I’ve lived in, alligator sightings are beyond rare, and relegated to distant nature scenarios or exotic meat nuggets. So the fact that Chicago man Charles Price was able to keep a 200-pound alligator in his basement for 26 years without friends or neighbors noticing, is incredible. I assume there were some “insiders” who kept the secret for him, but what if there weren’t? How could this man keep this astonishing animal to himself without bragging about it ALL THE TIME?

According to reports, he let the gator out into the yard frequently, and yet neighbors still didn’t notice.  I wonder if the alligator felt content with his life, or was he deeply lonely and resentful of Charles?

The elaborate secret life of Charles Price and his alligator sidekick was only brought to ight earlier this month by an appliance repairman working in the basement who sensed faint sounds and movement. The repairman located the covered container the alligator was kept in, and removed the cover much to his own shock and awe. He immediately took pictures and alerted Lansing Police Department’s animal control.

The Lansing police Chief Dennis Murrin Jr. said in his 25 years of work he’s never seen anything like it.

(NBC Chicago)