Chicago Cop Wants To Sue Family Of Teenager He Shot For “Emotional Distress”

On the day after Christmas last year, Chicago police officer Robert Rialmo shot and killed 19-year old Quintonio Legrier, an engineering student at Northern Illinois University, and 55-year-old grandmother Bettie Jones.

That night, Legrier called 911 three times, and was basically blown off by the operator. His father then called 911 to say that he was the one being threatened, saying “my son’s attempting to break inside my bedroom door. He’s got a baseball bat in his hand.”

When Officer Rialmo arrived on the scene, he says he saw Legrier brandishing a baseball bat and then shot the teen seven times. He then shot and killed Bettie Jones, a neighbor who had come to her door to see what was going on.

Rialmo has insisted that the reason he shot Legrier seven times was because the teen swung at him with a baseball bat. However, given that there isn’t any evidence to back his story up, and and the fact that it was Legrier who called 911 in the first place, that does not seem all too likely.

Both families have since sued the police department for wrongful death, as they should.

However, Rialmo is now filing a suit of his own…against the Legrier family. He claims that he is suffering “emotional distress” after having been assaulted by the teenager.


Even if things went down exactly as Rialmo said, he’s a police officer! That is literally a part of his job. I am reasonably sure that there are cops out there dealing with way more than that every day of their life, who do not sue for “emotional distress” every time they get into an altercation with a suspect.

As backwards as it sounds, police officers often do attempt to charge victims of police brutality with assault, in order to cover their own asses. However, filing a civil suit the families of an innocent kid you shot for “emotional distress” is a new one on me.

Clearly, this is some kind of plea for pity on his behalf, but it’s doubtful he’ll be getting any. Except perhaps from Rahm Emmanuel, whose callous texts about the incident–in which he worries more about how “the media” will perceive this more than he gives a damn about the two people who were just killed–were released earlier this week.