These Weed Suppositories Are About To Make Your Menstrual Cycle Mad Chill

We all know what happens when Aunt Flo comes to town, but what about Aunt Flo ON WEED?

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This week Foria (the good people behind pot-based lubes) released a line of pot-infused vaginal suppositories in California, which will soon be made available in Colorado as well. Know as Foria Relief, the cocoa butter-based suppositories cost $44 for a four-pack, according to their website. However, you can only purchase online with state-issued medical marijuana ID and after joining their collective.

That might seem like a steal, but that’s because you’re not exactly buying a high. The product aims to maximize muscle relief, but it is non-psychoactive. Instead, the suppositories contain cannabinoids THC and CBD to block pain and inflammation.

In other words, don’t fake cramps for the weed suppositories because they wont get you stoned. They may make you feel better though, which is arguably more productive anyways.

If nothing else, you can always buy the weed lube along with it.

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