The Wait Is Over: Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ Is Finally Here

Stans, fans and dedicated members of the Navy, your patience is finally rewarded  Rihanna’s album Anti is finally here. After what has felt like an eternity and then some, Rihanna’s highly-anticipated album was released tonight. Billboard reports that the album leaked around 7pm tonight shortly after the track list mysteriously appeared on Tidal and then disappeared.

Dedicated and casual fans alike understand that the wait has been arduous. The last new Rihanna album was three long years ago, and after a painfully slow rollout, Rihanna has unleashed it into the world. Intrepid internet sleuths can probably find it on some streaming sites to download illegally, but if you’re a good person and want to navigate the depths of Tidal, you can stream and purchase it here. The track list is below.

1. Consideration (feat. SZA)
2. James Joint
3. Kiss It Better
4. Work (feat. Drake)
5. Desperado
6. Woo
7. Needed Me
8. Yeah, I Said It
9. Same Ol’ Mistakes
10. Never Ending
11. Love on the Brain
12. Higher
13. Close to You

Update, 11:37pm: If you act quick and hustle, you can go download the album for free, courtesy of Rihanna, benevolent dictator.


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