The Police Commissioner Of Mumbai Is Better At Twitter Than You Are

The Mumbai Police seemingly entered the New Year resolving to take on social media, launching two Twitter accounts at the end of December. One account was for the police department, while the other was for the Police Commissioner himself, Ahmed Javed. Although his first tweet showed he could handle both hashtags and shout outs, Javed’s online presence since has been even more impressive.

It’s no surprise that Javed is a father of two, because the man has a seemingly unlimited supply of dad jokes. Most recently he’s displayed these with surprising purpose, mostly in the form of puns for the anti-drug campaign #HoshMeinAao.

Javed’s punny personality seems to be department wide as well.

Still, these aren’t parody accounts and they’re not just on social media for the jokes. In a month they’ve used Twitter to host live chats with residents in Mumbai, campaigned against drunk driving and advocated for better cyber security, all while nailing this selfie .



Keep serving, protecting and crushing it, Mumbai Police. We salute you.