Rihanna Dropped a New Song ‘Work’ Which Means Anti Is Real And It’s Coming

It’s real! It’s all really happening.¬†Anti, the album that Rihanna has been teasing for what feels like an eternity, is now imminent. Billboard¬†reports that the album will be out this week, and hey! Here’s a new song. It’s called “Work”. Buy it on Tidal(ugh). Or, iTunes. I don’t know! It doesn’t matter. Just go, hustle, listen to it, repeat.

Let this motivate your Wednesday. Let Rihanna’s smooth patois vocals transport you to somewhere soft and sandy and warm, with a breeze and a rum drink and a gentle wine in short shorts and a bikini top. Summer is so very far away, but this song — this song! — makes me feel hopeful. Listen to it here, let it take you somewhere other than your office or your bedroom or your drizzly, dreary commute.

Anti will drop when Rihanna’s good and ready. Ready yourselves.

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