Illustrator Reimagines The Statue Of Liberty From 5 Different Countries

When people across the world think of American landmarks, the Statue of Liberty is always the first that comes to mind. Before she became a tourist trap, the goddess of Liberty has served as a welcoming vision for generations of immigrants. What then, would this symbol of Liberty look like if she retained her symbolism of Independence but welcomed visitors into other countries? That is exactly what Thailand-born, Brooklyn-based artist Gong Kantapon envisioned in his new series.

Having lived in New York for the past five months, Kantapon has utilized both the cultural similarities between Bangkok and New York, and the extreme cultural differences to inspire his latest illustrations, letting these five drawings as a global landmark’s version of dress-up.

His artist statement says:

“My project is inspired by my life and my experiences in New York. I am an artist from Thailand. I have been living in New York for 5 months. There are so many different things from where I’m from. For example, weather, transportation, cultures, and people. Even though, there are so many differentiations between societies and classes of people (white, black, and yellow), but I personally think there is a beauty seeking in the city.

Liberty is one of the famous symbols of New York City. It represents human beings are equal. Especially, nowadays, New York is more open for the young generation and international artists to express their artworks.

As an artist, I want to represent my artwork as an intermediary to the audiences. I used Liberty as a symbol to communicate the meaning of the equivalence of human.”

A graduate of decorative arts and illustration at Silpakorn University, Gongkan has been showing work and doing projects internationally for some time, including recent Louis Vuitton fashion illustrations featured in Tatler Magazine, and his clever and surreal striptease alternative to business cards.

For his redressing of Lady Liberty, Kantapon picked five countries: Korea, Japan, Thailand, China and Italy, focusing primarily on countries he’s traveled and lived in.


Italian Lady Liberty.

Korean (1)

Korean Lady Liberty.


Thai Lady Liberty.


Chinese Lady Liberty.


Japanese Lady Liberty.

If you want to peruse more of his beautiful illustrations I encourage you to visit his site and let the images do the talking.