Facebook “Liking” Now Includes Emoji Reaction Buttons

As if we need to add more potential emotional trauma to the Facebook experience, they’ve finally decided on a better alternative to the classic “Like” button — “Reactions.”

Once it’s unveiled on the site, users will be able to to click the “Like” button and scroll a variety of emoji-illustrated reactions including Haha, Wow, Angry, Sad and Love. In order to narrow the reactions down, researchers compiled the most common comments on statuses, and found those five as well as Yay to be the top reactions. Yay was considered too vague and potentially universally confusing, plus it’s essentially the same sentiment as the “Like” button.

This is very emotionally confusing for me. While I love a good emoji and recognize their glorious hieroglyphic powers, I think replacing the Like button with a myriad of responses is only going to further create internet confusion between what is serious, what is kidding, and who is truly posting a cry for help.

The internet is full of fragile people desperately clamoring to post positive or relevant content (hello I am one of them), and as 100% silly as it sounds, adding another communication tool that renders confusion will only further frustrate the hell-hole that is Facebook.

Emoji in comments usually have context, and follow a like. Emoji AS a like?!?! Whoa there — we can only evolve so fast!