Elementary Principal Killed By A School Bus When She Was Pushing Students Out Of The Way

Tragedy struck Amy Beverland Elementary in Indianapolis Tuesday afternoon, when Principal Susan Jordan was killed by a school bus. Two children were also treated at a nearby hospital for serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

According to Fox 59, the incident took place at approximately 2:45pm when a bus holding 25 kids fatally inched forward and struck Jordan. The bus driver, who did not know why the bus lurched forward, told the Indianapolis Fire Department that she saw Jordan pushing students out of the way at the time.

“Up to the minute she was alive, she was helping the kids,” Rita Reith, spokesperson for the IFD said in a statement. The Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township announced that school would not be in session, to mourn the loss of, “our beloved Susan Jordan.”

The devastating incident is currently under investigation. While waiting for answers, those closest to Jordan are remembering her for who she was — a pillar in the community, loved by all. If the way she died didn’t prove that enough, this video her school made for her prior to her death does. Indianapolis and humanity as a whole have suffered a huge loss.