E. Coli Was Just The Beginning: Chipotle Now Facing Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

The past year has been a rough one for Chipotle. First they poisoned hundreds of customers in a recent E. Coli breakout, then they made an obvious attempt to win customers back with free burritos, and now they’re facing a gender discrimination lawsuit.

Reports show that three former managers have filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming that Herman Mobbs, the former Cincinnati area manager routinely discriminated against them despite high work evaluations. Mobbs made various inappropriate remarks to the plaintiffs, one time remarking, “there sure are a lot of overweight women working here,” another time telling a plaintiff, “you’re too emotional.”

The women claimed they were all fired due to Mobbs’ obvious gender bias, and that Chipotle as a company also violated the Family and Medical Leave Act, firing the plaintiff Elizabeth Rogers after taking maternity leave when she gave birth to her twins, one of which died in the hospital.

According to a Chipotle lawyer, Kate Mowry, the women were fired because they didn’t uphold basic restaurant management standards, noting that Mobbs’ hired and fired female and male employees at near equal rates.

However, the plaintiffs claim that even after glowing reviews in past years they were all fired and replaced with male managers.

The trial began on Monday, and is expected to last two weeks.