Don’t Worry, Amber Rose Got The Last Word In The Kanye – Wiz Khalifa Debacle

Today in men behaving poorly: Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa engaged in a mostly one-sided argument on Twitter today. Early this morning, Wiz Khalifa tweeted the following, which clearly set Kanye off.

Is this a reference to Kim Kardashian? Maybe! Is this a reference to weed, like Wiz claims? Who knows. But, Kanye’s getting ready to finally release his latest album, and doesn’t take lightly to the idea of anyone sullying the name of his wife, so he did what he does. The tweets have since been deleted, but there is an excellent archive of them here. “You have distracted me from my creative process,” he tweeted. Same, Kanye. Same.

It is important to note that Kanye chose to center his ire at the mother of Wiz Khalifa’s child, Amber Rose, who also happens to be his ex. Kim is most likely pacing back and forth in Saint West’s nursery, waiting for this shitstorm to blow over, embarrassed by her husband showing out so flagrantly over a woman he is purportedly over.

For reference: Amber Rose and Kanye used to date. They broke up.  Amber Rose started dating Wiz Khalifa and gave birth to his child. Last year, Kanye told a radio station that Kim made him take “30 showers” after dating Amber, which is rude as hell. Amber Rose has loose Kardashian Konnections aside from her dalliances with Kanye, as well. But, regardless of that Days Of Our Lives subplot mess, it’s clear that Kanye has never quite gotten over Amber. This entire rant? It wasn’t about Wiz. It was about Amber, and Kanye, sir, this has got to stop.

Back to the pettiness: After making some astute observations on creativity and the rise of tight pants in menswear, Kanye did what is probably advisable and deleted all his tweets. Amber Rose, the woman whose name Kanye has not been able to keep out of his mouth since they broke up, mercifully got the last word.

Lesson learned: Don’t come for Amber Rose unless she sends for you. Swish!