Bristol Palin Weighs In On #OscarsSoWhite: “Not Everyone Gets A Trophy”

Even though literally no one was asking for this, Bristol Palin decided that she should probably weigh in on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and Stacey Dash’s recent comments about how BET and Black History Month shouldn’t exist. Unsurprisingly, Palin is Team Dash, and believes that that black people should not complain about only white people being nominated for Oscars, and that BET and Black History Month are tantamount to “segregation.”

We shouldn’t segregate ourselves or limit Black History Month to one month a year. I wish things were really colorblind… I don’t know what we can do as a society to come together as one.

Conservatives often claim they want a “colorblind” society–a tactic that involves a heck of a lot more capitulation from people of color than from people like Bristol Palin, and certainly benefits those people a lot more. Somehow–as if by magic–this “colorblindness” is only brought up in regards to things like BET and Black History Month, or when someone is asking them to acknowledge systemic racism. In fact, I have never witnessed a single instance in which the onus to achieve this was put on white people. This leads me to believe that those who tout this idea are not actually hoping for a colorblind society as much as they would just prefer people shut the hell up about racism so that they can go on about their day inconvenienced, assuming all is well with the world.

In the sort of “colorblind” society Bristol dreams of, people of color don’t bring attention to things like the fact that everyone nominated for an Oscar happened to be white for several years in a row, and everyone would just pretend that things end up this way by sheer coincidence.

Palin also pointed to statements from Waka Flocka and Ice Cube that she feels back up her beliefs on this issue–Waka Flocka saying every month should be Black History Month, and Ice Cube advocating making movies for audiences rather than for awards. Because clearly, if you can find two black people and sort of twist their words to suit your own purposes, you cannot possibly be racist.

She then concludes her post with this gem, suggesting that those criticizing the Academy are just bitter about not being good enough to get trophies!

I don’t know how other people think about it, but I hope my son sees early on – that not everyone gets a trophy.

Frankly, if anything, I think people should get more trophies. In fact, I even made one for Bristol!