Um, Don’t Use Sofia Vergara To Promote Your Garbage Skin Treatment Without Permission

Sofia Vergara is suing Venus Concept for using her name and likeness in ads even though she never granted them permission and doesn’t even think their stuff is that great, thank you very much.

Vergara initially posted a photo of herself receiving a “Legacy massage” before the Emmys in August of 2014, though she argues the image was not intended as paid product placement. The $15 million suit filed Monday further claims that “Vergara tried the Legacy treatment, but ultimately did not like it, finding that it was a waste of time and money with little in the way of any results.”

Venus allegedly lifted the photo from Vergara’s page without her approval. According to People, she made “repeated demands” for it to be removed before bringing suit. If you would like to see Vergara in ads to which she has consented, please consider the promotional materials for Cover Girl, Head & Shoulders, Pepsi or State Farm, all of which she is confident do lots in the way of results.