If You’re In Love With A Hamilton Stan, Get Them This For Valentine’s Day

Nothing says, “I love you,” like tickets to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit hip-hop musical, but not everyone can afford Hamilton tickets. But now you can still tell Bae that you’ll send a battalion to remind them of your love, thanks to these Hamilton Valentines.

The watercolor cards were created by artist and food writer Casey Barber and are available for just $5 at her Esty shop 446 Bridges.

“The idea for the Hamilton cards came from the fact that I have been quoting lines from the musical non-stop to my husband and friends for months,” Barber told Mashable. What started off as a jokes has grown into something so popular, she’s had to delay shipping 1-2 days to keep up. It’s totally worth the wait to give your friend or significant other something that says you love them almost as much as they love Hamilton.

With V-day quickly approaching, you might want to get on ordering these while you can. Otherwise you’re going to be hard up for a way to tell your loved ones what their perfume smells like.

CREDIT: Casey Barber/Etsy