Hero 11 Year Old Marley Dias Wants 1,000 Books With Black Female Protagonists

When fifth grader Marley Dias took a long, hard look at the books she was assigned to read, and noticed that they were decidedly absent of protagonists that looked like her, she took matters into her own hands.

According to PhillyVoice, Dias was just as tired of reading what seems to be the fifth-grade equivalent of Jonathan Franzen. “I was sick of reading about white boys and dogs,” she told her mother, referring specifically to those old chestnuts Shiloh and Where The Red Fern Grows, two relatively boring books that schools insist on assigning to the nation’s youth to read year in and year out.

So, Dias did what any reasonable young adult would when faced with a problem: she created #10000BlackGirlBooks and started a book drive, a “specific book drive, where black girls are the main characters in the book and not background characters or minor characters.”

So far, Dias has about 400 books towards her 1,000 book goal and the drive ends February 1. If you want to donate to this very worthy cause, send any and all books that don’t feature white dudes and their dogs to 59 Main St., West Orange, N.J., 07052, Office 323.