Dysfunctional Family Band Plays For Oregon Militants, Because That’s A Good Place For Kids

The Bundy-led occupation of an Oregon Wildlife refuge keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. First there was Tarp-Man, then there were boxes full of dildos, then they were driving over Native American archaeological sites and going through artifacts they had no business going through, and then there was the guy challenging Chris Christie to a sumo wrestling fight. It’s more like a weird right wing circus then a political protest of any kind.

Today, the entertainment included a family band, The Sharp Family Singers! Said band consists of the children of Odalis Sharp, ages 7-20. Odalis Sharp, by the way, had one of her children taken away from her and placed into the foster system, on charges of neglect after he ran away. The single mother of 10 claimed that this was because he didn’t like “the right, wholesome and pure path in which I was leading him — in which God was leading us.”

Right. That is usually why children get taken out of their homes and placed in the foster system. I don’t know what she means by “the right, wholesome and pure path in which I was leading him” but I’m definitely picturing the mom from Carrie crossed with Mama Rose from Gypsy.

According to reports from the Kansas City Star, the group sang “Amazing Grace,” “Mary Did You Know?” and the “Star-Spangled Banner.” Interestingly, they chose to close out with Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land”–an odd choice given that I’m sure they are not exactly on board with Guthrie’s politics, or the meaning of the song itself. Either that or they don’t get what the song is about, which is entirely possible and in fact likely.

The family previously performed at the Bundy Ranch standoff.

Admittedly, the family is not bad at harmonizing. However, I’m not too sure an armed occupation of a wildlife preserve is the best place for kids.

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