Dog Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon, Takes 7th Place

Here’s a story that both warmed my heart and reminded me of how insanely out of shape I am! Meet Ludivane, a two-year-old bloodhound from Elkmont, Alabama, who headed outside for an afternoon jaunt — I guess in a town with a population of 400, dogs walk themselves? — and came home with serious bragging rights. See, Ludivane ended up joining a bunch of runners racing in a half-marathon, tagging along all the way to the finish line. Despite being distracted by an enticing dead rabbit at mile two, Ludivane made up for lost ground and managed to finish the 13.1-mile course in an unofficial (LOL) 1:32:56 — a respectable 7th place! Not bad for a pup who fooled her owner into thinking she was “actually really lazy.” [People]

[Photo: The Trackless Train Trek]