Charlie Hunnam Is A Hunk, Should Still Not Be Playing A Mexican-American Drug Lord

Y’all know how much I love Charlie Hunnam. I thirsted like I have never thirsted before while watching “Sons of Anarchy,” transfixed especially by his many bare-assed sex scenes. When “SOA” came to an end, I vowed to follow Charlie’s career wherever it went, to see every film that brought his gorgeous, blond visage to the big screen … but this is a promise I can no longer keep. Charlie Hunnam may be a total panty-dropper, but he should absolutely not be playing Mexican-American drug lord Edgar Valdez Villarreal in the upcoming film “American Drug Lord.”

Hunnam, with his blond hair and blue eyes and decided lack of melanin, is a British white man. His ethnic makeup is English, German, Scottish, Icelandic, Scandinavian and Irish, so, ya know, honky. That’s fine! You are what you are, he is what he is! But Edgar Valdez Villarreal is Mexican-American. Yes, Villareal was fair-skinned, blonde-haired and green-eyed, earning him the nickname “La Barbie/The Barbie,” but that doesn’t make it any less wack that, once again, an actor of color was passed over. There are certainly light-skinned, blonde Latino actors who would have fit the bill, but something tells me the casting directors didn’t really try.

Oh, and just one quick thing: please no one use the excuse that it’s about who’s the best ACTOR to play the role and that talent matters more than ethnicity. Charlie Hunnam is hunky, but he’s hardly the world’s greatest thespian. He’s fine. Sometimes he’s kind of bad. Occasionally he has moments of near-brilliance, but he’s hardly a transformative talent, so let’s not oversell it.

Anyway, it’s not like I want Charlie to be out of a job! I can think of a ton of roles I would be thrilled to see him play! Like the following:

  • Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC
  • Steven Avery
  • One of the Mast brothers, makers of that bullshit chocolate
  • Foghorn Leghorn (“technically a chicken, but definitely white,” as Megan put it)
  • Yet another Mr. Darcy
  • Dickon in “The Secret Garden”
  • Bret Michaels, in a biopic about Poison
  • Chris Hemsworth, in the movie adaptation of Chris Hemsworth’s life story

See? So many potential roles for Hunnam to take on after he realizes how lame it is for him to play La Barbie, when a more talented and, yes, Latino actor should have the opportunity. Glad we hashed this out. [Fox News]