10 Rape Prevention Tips From Some Woke As Hell Women

We all want to stop rape, but the challenge with rape prevention is that the willing participants in these efforts are not usually the ones responsible for the sexual assaults. Rapists (and potential ones) aren’t typically interested in attending workshops and seminars on consent. Thus, a lot of prevention language and literature is geared towards the vulnerable and the already victimized. Even with the best of intentions, that can come off as patronizing and victim blaming.

Enter the Latina Rebels, three impressive women using social media to change the prevention game. They recently posted one of the first and arguably best list of tips to prevent rape, and they’re all geared towards the perpetrator.

boost. (men are sexually assaulted also, pronouns can be switched)

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“When you see a woman walking by herself, leave her alone,” is not an obvious tip —it’s an honest, funny and subversive statement about how men and women are told how not to get raped everyday. They might be satirical suggestions, but at least they’re ones that go to the source of the problem.