Yukon Health And Social Services Wants To Make Sure Everyone Gets A Whole Lot Of D

Winter is harsh and unforgiving in many climes, but our nice friends up north in Canada, get it the worst of all. To combat the soul-crushing darkness of a long, Canadian winter, the Yukon Health and Social Services decided to remind citizens that they all could use a hearty dose of the D.

Spotted by the wily rascals at BuzzFeed Canada, these ads urge Canadians to do whatever it takes to get that sweet D. In one ad, a smiling young woman says with confidence to the camera, “We all need the D. Even me!” In another, a woman stares with confusion at a plate of fish: “Need a little help…with your daily D?” Even that dude and his dog need the D, because man, it’s been too long.

Apparently, the kind Canucks up in the Yukon figured out that they were asking their constituents about their sex lives while also imploring them to get some Vitamin D, because these posters are now off their official site, replaced by the same smiling lady who previously desperately needed the D asking if you took your vitamin D today.