Wendy’s Throws Massive Twitter Shade At Burger King

I’ve been #TeamWendys since I was a little girl. They have KILLER chocolate frosties, their Jr Bacon Cheeseburger can fucking get it, and also, my mom’s name is Wendy. The adorable saucy redhead logo always got me as a child who secretly wanted red hair, and it always felt like the quieter, less obnoxious answer to Mcdonalds and Burger King (Jack in the Box has made me throw up multiple times so they can go to hell).

That being said, when Wendy’s posted a basic tweet promoting their 4-for-$4 deal and Burger King tried to start beef, I was glad to see them shut it down with the truest, most simple burn.

It started with Wendy’s tweeting about those good prices.

Then Burger King came out to play, like the younger sibling everyone’s trying to shake.

But Wendy’s shut it down quick with a dripping slice of hard truth.

Now I can proudly say I’m #TeamWendys for the shakes AND the shade.