Tinder Now Matches You With Cuties AND STD Clinics

Swiping Tinder is like surveying princes in a magical castle, if the castle was actually a dark huddled corner of your room and the princes were a stream of dick pics and communication mishaps. Finding your way into a castle, whether it be a corner full of “Sup” or a true fairytale scenario requires a journey full of preparations and tribulations, and most likely some protective armor, or in Tinder’s case — condoms and STD testing.

Luckily for all of us braving the swipes of the dating world, Tinder has just made it even easier to hookup responsibly with their new Health Safety section on Tinder, which allows users to link with Healthvana to find free STD clinics and HIV testing in their area.

Once linked through the app, users are able to find reviews and convenient hours and appointments through the Healthvana website, and can even receive test results online. These steps to make the process more convenient are key, since so much of the reticence around sexual health comes merely from inaccessibility, inconvenience, or mild laziness.

Two thumbs up to Tinder for this one.