The Duplass Brothers’ Animals Trailer Speaks To Me On Many, Many Levels

Being an animal: a tough life! To illuminate further the trials and tribulations of the animal kingdom, especially those lucky(unlucky?) enough to live in New York City, the Duplass Brothers present their first trailer for Animals, an animated comedy about the rich inner lives of animals, coming to HBO.

Imagine everything you’ve ever thought about the inner monologues of a house cat or the brief fantasies of a moth before it flies directly into a flickering lightbulb. Have you ever wondered what Wanda Sykes sounds like as a Central Park carriage horse? If you were to envision Marc Maron as any species aside from human, would you picture him as a podcasting rat? There are also murderous pigeons and a particularly bitchy standard poodle, so really, if this isn’t checking off all the boxes for you, it’s time to re-examine your priorities.

Animals premieres on HBO on February 5th.