Pharma Bro Doesn’t Like Being Called “Pharma Bro,” U Guise

Martin Shkreli, fresh from his ousting from Turin Pharmaceuticals and an arrest for misusing Turin’s funds to pay off unhappy investors, appeared on television last week to all of our chagrin. Why do we keep giving him press, I ask, while simultaneously giving him press?

The biggest takeaway from the entire interview is that he really doesn’t want to be called a Pharma Bro (here at The Frisky we’ve opted for the more colorful Pharma Douche). “This is a name that got started when there was a picture I took that was meant to be ironic of me in these sun glasses and listening to a rap song, making sort of a funny hand signal,” he explains. “The reason I took the picture was, I’m never like that. We take photos when we’re doing unusual things.” Ah, we have a regular Sontag here. Yes, illuminate me further as to why we take pictures, Pharma Douche.

He’s missing the point, of course, which is that he’s a Douchebro because he bought the rights to a life-saving drug and then raised the price per pill from $13.30 to $750 and made it harder for other pharmaceutical companies to make generic versions, because he harasses former coworkers, because when he gets angry he thinks the right thing to do is punch a wall, because he bought the only existing copy of a Wu-Tang album and then didn’t listen to it, because he’s calling his subpoena from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform the government “whining” at him to have a “chit-chat,” and because overall he comes off like a Douchebro. A picture of him pretending to be, like, thug or whatever he thought he was pretending to be just kind of crystallizes all of it. And because he acts like an unrelenting Douchebro, I can’t help but hope that the House brings him many more misfortunes before this is all said and done.

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