Kristen Stewart On Diversity In Hollywood: “Do Something Instead Of Complaining”

Another day, another celebrity speaking out of pocket about diversity in Hollywood.

While beloved short man Danny Devito told the AP on Sunday that America is a “bunch of racists,”   sentient cord of firewood Kristen Stewart had something entirely different to say. Speaking to Variety on the topic of diversity in Hollywood, Stewart raised high the banner of free speech and said:

“Instead of sitting around and complaining about that, do something…Go write something, go do something.”

Oh, Kristen! Sullen, wooden-faced Kristen. If only it were that easy. She also went on to say that the subject of diversity is so “prevalently everywhere right now, and it’s boring,” the last bit of which was mumbled into her hand, in the manner of a teenager telling their mom to fuck off under their breath.

Diversity is super-boring for white people who don’t feel the adverse effects of systemic and institutional racism in every field, so I totally get where she’s coming from!!! Thanks for sharing.

Update, 7:45pm: According to Variety, the tweet that incensed the entirety of Twitter was actually about gender equality, not diversity. Is this true? I have no idea!

For further clarification on Kristen Stewart’s take on diversity, here’s what she told E! on the red carpet.