The Industry Ain’t Safe: This Tumblr Is Collecting Allegations Of Harassment In The Music Industry

In order for tides to turn, there must be ripples in the water first. Across various creative industries from the outing of predators in the LA comedy scene, to Amber Coffman’s recent indictment of Heathcliff Berru, women are joining forces and sharing¬†their stories of harassment and assault, essentially saying: “We’ve fucking had enough of this shit.”

In the wake of Coffman speaking out about Berru’s harassment, Beth Consentino of the band Best Coast and many other women came forward with stories detailing Berru’s behavior, which spanned everything from inappropriate comments to full-on sexual assault.

His immediate removal from Life and Death PR and long-winded bullshit apology served as the gateway for an important dialogue in the music industry, causing many to ask: “How many more predators are there and how do we stop them?”

In response, a woman who’s worked in the LA music scene for more than six years started The Industry Ain’t Safe as a place to both collect stories of abuse and harassment from men and women in the scene and to out the predators.

The founder said: “As yesterday goes to show, naming and shaming can 1) cause the entire industry to take accusations more seriously, 2) provide a sense of relief for victims who may have talked about their experiences without attributing them to anyone specific and 3) encourage others who have been victims at the hands of the same man to know they are not alone.”

This is wonderful and unfortunately necessary. I hope it encourages more people to speak their stories and causes repercussions for more predators and creeps.