Feast Your Eyes On This Ballet Routine Set To Adele’s ‘All I Have’

I know that Adele is talented. I personally have never found myself bathing deep into her music like some of my friends, but I know she indisputably has a pretty, powerful voice. I also know that ballet is an incredible and painstaking art form, and likewise have very rarely found myself actively seeking it out.

But after watching this gorgeously choreographed ballet routine to Adele’s All I Have, I feel like I have been missing out on both fronts and must remedy this immediately, otherwise the celestial feelings of art and hope and beauty will flee my body and I’ll be left again with my darkness.

This video features the dancers Zola Smart and DJ Williams performing a flawless routine choreographed by Will B. Bell, which honestly has me thinking: “OUCH, PLEASE DON’T HURT YOURSELF. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, WOW ALSO ADELE IS REALLY HITTING THOSE NOTES HARD. I THINK I FOUND THE LORD?!”

I encourage you to check it out for yourself.

(Marie Claire)