‘Fairy God Boss’ Provides Company Reviews For Women By Women

Online company reviews are often very generalized run-downs of a company, which is helpful for potential employees but often creates blind spots for women in the workplace who deal with institutionalized and social prejudice ranging from issues with maternity leave to sexual harassment to difficulty securing promotions.

Fairy God Boss serves as the helpful answer to questions that are important to women in the workplace:  Do they have maternity leave? Does this company foster an environment of respect, or is there blatant sexism? How is the pay and promotion opportunity in general, but also along gender lines?

The site was launched two women, Georgene and Romy, with the sole intent of providing more detailed company reviews coming straight from women who either previously or currently work at the companies listed.

This is an incredible tool, and honestly I find it very interesting to skim the reviews for large companies I have no intention of applying to such as Google and Sony, because it reveals the hidden reality of what I’m consuming and supporting.