Bill Cosby Gets One Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed, Unfortunately

Alongside his horrific slew of rape charges, Bill Cosby has also faced with numerous cases of defamation from the women he’s assaulted and attempted to paint as liars. Unfortunately, a court just ruled in his favor against the defamation charges coming from one of his victims and Picture’s Pages co-star, Renita Chaney Hill.

Hill filed her lawsuit against Cosby back in October, claiming Cosby attempted to paint her as a lying extortionist, but federal judge Arther J. Swab dismissed her case Friday, saying that the arguments were “unsubstantiated,” and that Cosby’s rebuttals were pure opinion, therefore not supporting claims for a defamation suit.

I am hoping this won’t discuss the other women currently undergoing similar battles with Cosby, because fuck — he has a lot of psychological hell to pay for.