Bill Cosby Gets One Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed, Unfortunately

Bronwyn Isaac | January 22, 2016 - 5:45 pm

Alongside his horrific slew of rape charges, Bill Cosby has also faced with numerous cases of defamation from the women he’s assaulted and attempted to paint as liars. Unfortunately, a court just ruled in his favor against the defamation charges coming from one of his victims and Picture’s Pages co-star, Renita Chaney Hill.

Hill filed her lawsuit against Cosby back in October, claiming Cosby attempted to paint her as a lying extortionist, but federal judge Arther J. Swab dismissed her case Friday, saying that the arguments were “unsubstantiated,” and that Cosby’s rebuttals were pure opinion, therefore not supporting claims for a defamation suit.

I am hoping this won’t discuss the other women currently undergoing similar battles with Cosby, because fuck — he has a lot of psychological hell to pay for.