A Super Creepy Christian “Purity” Seminar Is Being Pushed On Young Girls In Colorado

Parents in Colorado are rather perturbed over getting an email from the Mesa Valley School District 51 recommending a Christian purity seminar to girls ages 11 and up. Said seminar was titled “Wake Up Sleeping Beauty: At His Feet,” and the invite included this charming image.


HUH. Now, clearly, this is meant in reference to Jesus, and not the guy sitting next to them in their sixth grade math classes, but I’m not so sure you wanna be telling pre-teen girls that their place in the world is to be washing some dude’s feet with their hair. That does not seem like a thing that would turn out well.

The event is sponsored by June Fellhauer’s Wake Up Ministries, and is meant to teach young girls to remain “pure” while waiting for their Prince Charming, and, apparently, also really paranoid about the quality of their first kiss.

The event, and the fact that the school was helping to promote it, was first reported by Colorado blogger Ann Landman, who found out about it after a parent contacted the Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers association. The parent said she was not only upset about the event promoting a religion, but also because of the fact that the district has a policy against “demeans a person or group based on gender”–and that flier is pretty demeaning to women.

She wrote “The idea of a woman or girl (“she”) crying at a man’s feet, then using her hair to wash his feet, then kissing his feet, seems pretty demeaning to me. Apparently the irony of this imagery used to promote an event which purports to strengthen or support girls/women is lost on all involved.”


The school district, however, did not agree with the her, and wrote back, saying:

“Dear Ms. *******,
Thank you for your response. Having reviewed the flyer and KHB-R per your request, we do not find that the flyer promotes a religious organization or demeans a person or group on the basis of gender.”

PRETTY SURE IT DOES ALL OF THOSE THINGS. Does District-51 not know what a religious organization is? Because I feel like a ministry qualifies!

As if all of that isn’t creepy enough, check out this video posted to the group’s Facebook page, featuring a dad who apparently follows his daughter around everywhere she goes and just STARES at her.

Posted by Rich Klinzmann on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wow! That sure isn’t going to give me nightmares or anything.

Telling kids to wait to have sex until they’re ready is fine, and sane, and totally reasonable. Focusing on “purity” and finding a “Prince Charming” husband, and washing feet with your hair is not.