Victim of Racial Profiling At Barney’s Receives A $45,000 Settlement

When Trayon Christian used his debit card to lawfully purchase a $349 Ferragamo belt from a Barney’s in Manhattan on April 27, 2013, he was arrested seemingly under the guise of, “You could never afford that.”

Christian was told that his debit card was not real, that a Barney’s employee had reported it to the NYPD, who detained the then 18-year-old for credit card fraud. The lawsuit alleged that following these accusations, Christian was taken to 19th Precinct and kept in a holding cell for two hours before being released, with his belt and an apology. He’s now being awarded $45,000 from the city in damages as a result.

“Resolving this litigation was in the best interest of the city,” a spokesman for the city’s Law Department told the NY Daily News.

Though Barney’s agreed to a settlement over several racial profiling charges in 2014, including $525,000 in fines, the terms of Christian’s specific agreement with the retailer aren’t public. But according to the ruling, the city was just as responsible for the violation Christian’s rights and will have to pay all the same.

If only all racial profiling was this expensive, then maybe corporations, institutions and individuals would stop doing it.

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